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Ascension Leadership Academy wins reaccreditation

ALA recognized by Cognia, nation’s leading education accrediting organization, and Imagine Nation, a digital curriculum company

Ascension Leadership Academy, the K through grade 12 school affiliated with the Presbyterian Home for Children in Talladega, has been recognized by the nation’s leading education accrediting organization and the nation’s largest provider of digital curriculum solutions. 

ALA recently achieved reaccreditation from Cognia. Candidates for Cognia accreditation and reaccreditation participate in a rigorous evaluation process that includes a period of self-assessment, an evaluation conducted by trained third-party evaluators and an improvement phase focused on the results of the evaluation. 

Cognia recently notified Ascension Leadership Academy that the school has been reaccredited with a score of 326. A score above 300 indicates the institution meets Cognia’s expectations for accreditation. The average score for schools seeking Cognia accreditation is 253. 

The accreditation report measures the school’s performance in the areas of culture of learning, leadership for learning, engagement in learning and growth of learning. ALA exceeded national averages in each of the four categories.  

ALA received special recognition from Cognia for its “highly effective and impactful process of identifying and addressing student academic and non-academic needs which gives all students equitable opportunities to realize their potential.” 

“From using digital programs to individualize learning, to providing intensive tiered interventions for struggling students, to accelerated course offerings, the school has created a supportive and inclusive environment,” the Cognia report said.  

“It truly was an arduous task due to our size and meeting the same requirements of large schools and school systems,” said Linda Harris, director of education and assistant to the president of the Presbyterian Home for Children. “Our faculty and staff did an awesome job compiling, analyzing and reporting data that met the accreditation requirements.” 

Ascension Leadership Academy will remain accredited through June 2030. 

“Faculty and staff will remain committed to continuing the high level of instruction for which our school is recognized as providing,” Harris said. 

ALA was also named a winner of the Imagine Nation Award by Imagine Learning, the largest provider of digital curriculum solutions in the U.S. More than 38,000 school systems were eligible for the award. Only 220 schools were honored. 

Imagine Nation Awards honor schools and districts across America for their exemplary implementation of Imagine Learning solutions and commitment to student learning, according to an announcement from Imagine Learning.  

“Working hand-in-hand with educators to implement innovative digital curriculum programs that empower teachers and truly make a difference for their students is incredibly rewarding,” said Sari Factor, Vice Chair and Chief Strategy Officer for Imagine Learning. “It’s an honor to see the dedication from schools across the country and to be part of their journey to success.” 

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