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Moderate Care

The Moderate Care Residential Therapeutic Program

The Moderate Care Residential Therapeutic Program serves adolescents ages 13-17 who have been removed from their homes by the Alabama Department of Human Resources due to abuse and/or neglect and who have emotional and behavioral management problems that interfere with their ability to function in a family or community setting.

This includes children whose needs cannot be met in less-restrictive settings such as foster care, as well as children who have successfully completed a treatment program in a more restrictive setting and are ready to be stepped down to continue making progress toward returning to a home or community setting.

Children in this program may have symptoms such as a history of run-away behavior, oppositional behavior, aggression, mood instability, and acting out. Begun in 1989, this program has allowed most residents to step down to less restrictive living environments, including family reunification. The program consistently meets or exceeds the standards of licensure.

A menu of restorative services provides each resident with the service options that are tailored to their specific needs. Services are chosen together with the resident, family, and social workers who design an Individual Service Plan which addresses every area of human development from biological, emotional, and mental to educational, spiritual, and social. These services include but are not limited to:

24-hour Awake Staff
Crisis Intervention
Recreational Services
Individual and Group Basic Living Skills Instruction
Individual and Group Therapy and Psychiatric Consultation and Monitoring

We help every child develop individual academic/life plans that include educational goals. Children in this program attend our accredited private school, Ascension Leadership Academy, and may participate in extracurricular activities similar to children in the community, depending on their needs and behavior. Referrals are only accepted through the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

PHFC Moderate Care Program Contact

Cordelia Stanley, Moderate Care Director

905 Ashland Hwy, Talladega, AL 35160

Phone: (256) 362-2114 | Email:


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