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HDB insurance firm volunteers at the Home in honor of 9/11

The Home’s commercial insurance carrier HDB brought volunteers to campus on September 10 to help at the Thrift Store and to paint and spruce up around buildings.

Harmon Dennis Bradshaw Inc., insurance broker and risk management firm, brought a group of employees from around Alabama to give back their time as part of an annual Day of Serving.

The firm closes its offices around September 11 to honor those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks by giving back to local nonprofits they serve. One of the founders, Charles Bradshaw, started the giving day that is also his birthday.

HDB Vice President and Shareholder Jennifer Hill told our CEO Doug Marshall that they chose to serve the Home on their giveback day this year because “what you do for children and families is incredible.”

“Employees got to decide which (nonprofit) to serve and because of your cause and helping children especially, it was near and dear to many of our employees’ hearts,” Hill said.

Marshall said the Home is grateful to HDB for the time they give through volunteerism.

“We are thankful for all you guys do for us day in and day out and for going above and beyond helping today,” Marshall said. “Your team has helped the Thrift Store organize and a team is painting ramps outside. We view your firm not only as a business partner but also as a friend in this journey where we are entrusted to take care of at-risk homeless children and moms, and we can’t do that without friends like HDB.”

HDB has served as the insurance carrier for the Presbyterian Home for Children for many years. The firm specializes in serving nonprofits.

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